New Book Exposes Google’s Attempt To Impregnate Government With It’s Own Staff and Extremist Plans



The book is called: “An American Coup”. It details, in over 30 chapters, the dramatic and twisted path that Google, and it’s owners, took to seek to control government policy, laws, direction and trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds.



Told from the research and perspectives of some of the world’s greatest reporters, the reader is allowed to see the dark and dirty process that allows a gleaming technology company to run a perverted game of character assassinations, stock rigging and congressional manipulation designed to take control of the way many governments are operated.



While the “Coup” was mainly targeted at the U.S. Government, the book details, with never-before-seen emails, technical reports and witness reports the precise methods that Google also attempted to subvert government process in France, India, China, Russia and other nations.



A portion of Google’s scheme was entirely successful, suckling at the teat of state and federal funds, Google did create a stream of unlimited cash in volumes never before seen by any company in history. Alas, like Madoff and Enron, the “business” of Google was an illusion.



By bribing every politician, staffer and supplier, at every level, Google was able to do something that no political manipulation effort had ever had the resources to do: Top-to-bottom influence purchasing. Most companies, that attempt to engage in crony kickbacks and political corruption, only bribe the top Senator or agency head. Google assembled an epic lobbyist army that went door-to-door from secretary to junior aide. They got them all.



Google ordered it’s White House to place it’s insiders in charge of major White House offices, the FCC, The Department of Energy, The U.S. Patent Office and many other key political choke-holds on public policy. Google was most of the way through it’s scheme before the bricks started to shake loose.



You see, Google only began it’s plotting and scheming early on in the political time-line of life. Others had been manipulating politics for hundreds of years and they were not about to have a bunch of snotty nose upstarts jump their game. Oil companies, for instance, have perfected the art of the lobby and Google people are their arch enemies. Google investor’s suddenly found over 40 of their Solyndra kick-back schemes mysteriously crashing into bankruptcy dust just as soon as they had pocketed their government payola.



The European Union’s anti-trust investigations have revealed that Google lied about being able to manipulate the global internet to attack some while hyping others. The full story is much more horrific.



Google used the biggest media spin machine, ever created, to put President Obama in office by rigging internet search results. Was Obama Google’s “Manchurian Candidate”? Not really, but he and his West Wing big shots were totally handled and managed by Eric Schmidt and Larry Page. If policy that affected Google’s investors was not Google-approved, it didn’t happen.



From Google’s relationship to Tesla’s car funding to the mysterious fates of Forrest Hayes, Gary D. Conley, David Bruen, Rajeev Motwani and others, the story takes some dark turns. Google’s backers put Obama’s entire Department of Energy staff in office, where they exclusively handed Google’s backers the biggest kick-back in U.S. history, a portion of which was based on overseas mining interests that Google VC’s had acquired monopolistic control of.



The book is a great read whether you enjoy American history or Robert Ludlum adventures. It has something for everybody.



It is no secret that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was a business partner of Google’s owner’s. It is clearly shown how he was placed in power to protect the Silicon Valley Cartel from ever being brought to justice. Who will bring Google to the green felt table in front of the Special Prosecutor? Will we ever see the FBI “perp-walking” Eric Schmidt down University Avenue in Palo Alto? In an election year, with one of the most disruptive elections in American history, anything could happen.



One thing is for sure, the voters are mad as hell about this kind of corruption and their tolerance for on-going crony politics is at a historic low. This book gives them all the more reason to believe in Elizabeth Warren’s warming that “the system is rigged against them.”