California State Offices Receive Ominous Warning From Investigators


California State Offices Receive Ominous Warning From Investigators




Sacramento, California – The heads of California State offices received ominous warnings this week.



They have been advised to warn their staffs that they will be caught, and held personally liable, for the destruction of documents in pending, and up coming corruption cases. They are being told that they could have all of their cash, and their homes, taken away as they are dragged off to federal prison.



Hillary Clinton’s email server and Lois Lerner’s disappearing hard drive have delivered a new reality to the California political scene: Corrupt Politicians Are No Longer Safe!



The media has now widely acknowledged that federal law enforcement has had senior State officials and their staff under surveillance for quite some time. Recent California arrests of Senators, lobbyists and top State executives should leave California politicos, all the way down to the secretary level, shivering in their boots.



It is worse than they thought, though.



Not only has federal law enforcement had most of the State officials under surveillance, the Chinese and Russian hackers have been transcribing their indiscretions too. But it gets even worse.



In 2007, California politicians made some felonious kick-back deals with the financiers and owners of Google, Tesla and Kleiner Perkins. They put their boy, Steven Chu, in charge of the U.S. Department of Energy where he exclusively, and criminally, handed the California politicians one of the largest payola skims in U.S. history. When Solyndra got FBI-raided, and all of their “Green” companies were “mysteriously” forced into bankruptcy, the scam began to dry up, and many of the assets of those companies just happen to have been sold to China. China was watching from day one and may have steered the spoils of the collateral damage to themselves.



So China has had copies of every file and email of agencies, and their staff, in California. Russia, who will never allow China to one-up them, got in at about the same time and Hoover-ed up clones of the same files and data. At the same time the feds were making copies. It is really quite easy to hack all of California politics. Everybody had, and still has today, the keys to the back-doors in all of their servers.



So, now, in 2016, many, many people have copies of all of the State and personal files and emails of California political bosses and their staff. On top of that, you had guys like “Guccifer” cherry picking the fun stuff on their own. So, sitting out on the internet, there are now many copies of who was naughty in California from 2007 to today.



Does it sound bad so far? If you were one of those corrupt politicians, it gets far worse.



Now, in 2016, the FBI, consumer groups and a variety of small companies, that had political hit-jobs put on them by these corrupt politicians, are filing civil and criminal lawsuits, indictments and arrests are being made.



If you were the junior secretary of the Controller of the State of California and the Controller of the State of California was your boss and he told you to delete emails, destroy hard drives and erase files, THEY NEVER GOT ERASED. China, Russia, the feds and the hackers have clones of everything and they know what is missing. Most of those parties will gladly sell you, on the darknet, any of those “Lois Lerner’d” hard drives, or deleted emails, about putting the Solyndra payola cash in Aunt Nellies trust fund in order to hide it from the investigators. Ooops!



You can run but you cannot hide!