Google’s purpose in life: POLITICAL MANIPULATION!

Google’s purpose in life: POLITICAL MANIPULATION!

By Winton Lee, Andrew Vester. Originally submitted to Politico

Google, in their attempt to rig elections and public perceptions, tried to get away with only removing defamations and character assassinations in French, on French sites under the dot “FR” domain. Google tries to ignore the fact that everybody reads all of the internet. The wise French saw through Google’s ploy and said “that cheese stinks Monsieur Google!”. France has ordered Google to stop acting like a “bitchy little school-girl” and to stop cheating. France also made Google pay them a fine. Russia has accused Google of being a “ruthless monopoly”. So has China. The European Union has sued and charged Google with intentional “human rights abuse”. Entire nations issued national reports, both internally and externally, proving that Google regularly engages in illicit activities. Only the United States regulators refuse to prosecute Google because Google has paid them “protection money”.

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and hundreds of thousands of other articles.

Google broke the law in almost every country in the world. Google crimes include paying bribes to elected officials, and the associates of those elected officials, in numerous countries. In the U.S., Google has illicitly manipulated White House, Department of Energy, FCC, and U.S. patent office staff in order to gain unfair business advantages. Part of their manipulations have involved paying senior elected officials to place all of Google’s employees in those, and other government departments in order to control policy decisions. Google’s actions have nearly amounted to an “attempted government coup”, according to analysts.

Google has illicitly expended billions of dollars in campaign financing, via services provisions, that it never legally reported. This is a fact: “Google has contributed over $45 billion in search results rigging, mood manipulation services, de-ranking and defamation attacks on political enemies to elected government officials, without reporting that campaign financing. This is a felony violation of the law”. When caught, Google owners lied to investigators about not being able to manipulate search results.  Google has manually, consciously and maliciously; illicitly rigged, manipulated, altered and synthetically modified election results in regional and national elections including multiple elections in India and the first Obama election, the mid-term elections in the U.S. and the 2016 elections in the U.S.

Hillary Clinton’s emails, USAID records and ex-Google employees have revealed that Google used surreptitious electronics to manipulate Middle East, EU and US social, economic and trade developments in order to gain an unfair business advantage for Google’s investors.

Google operates a massive illicit tax evasion program which has caused U.S. taxpayers to lose their expected social services because of “unjust rewards” that Google pocketed from “Flash Boy” stock market valuation rigging along with pump-and-dump stock scams which Google never paid taxes on. Google’s “Dutch Sandwich” tax evasion trick is currently under investigation by three different nations and Interpol.

The description of the Company “PollyHop” in the 2016 House of Cards television program, in episodes 6 & 7, is actually a description of Google’s illegal activities according to some of the writers and researchers for House of Cards.

Google has a documented, planned program to use it’s technology to attack, defame, harass and economically damage it’s business and political competitors. Google exists as an illicit monopoly that has bribed elected officials, via campaign funding and search engine rigging, to avoid anti-trust regulation. The owners of Google have developed a coordinated plan to manipulate public policy decisions for personal gain, and extremist ideologies, created by their owners. These Google owners and executives have been charged with operating “sex penthouses”, “escort clubs”, “murder-by-hooker” and “3-way sex affairs with employees” scandals in the published news. This indicates that Google management amy hold warped values compared to the national norm.

Google’s founder’s and owners steal technology from others, and never compensate them for those thefts. Their tactics are documented in the New York Times article called: “How Larry Page’s Obsessions Became Google’s Business” and in search results on non-Google search engines for the phrase: “Google steals ideas”.

Google altered the neutral information, that was presumed to be equally available to all voters, and modified that information, nationally and globally, in an attempt to trick the public into believing that the “opinions” of Google’s owners were “facts”. Google has covert “fact codes” and “truth codes” embedded in Google’s web links which assert that “opinions” are “facts”. Google has engaged in “Mood Manipulation” technology effects to attempt to trick the public into believing that something was true, even if it may not be true?:

Google takes advantage of it’s immature employees by subjecting them to cult-like indoctrination and information control. Google’s “mindfulness trainings” and HR programs more resemble “EST” or Scientology indoctrination material, than it does a corporate policy book.

Google is one of the largest, if not THE largest, campaign financier(s) of the very politicians who gave Google the biggest government kick-backs at the expense of the public. Google covertly owns interest in Elon Musk’s companies and Google coordinated, and got, kick-backs from those companies at taxpayer expense and in violation of the law.

Google owns and controls public policy manipulation companies, or has management and/or directive control of: Jigsaw, New American Foundation, IN-Q-Tel and other groups which seek to covertly alter laws and political actions at the expense of citizens.

Public reports have stated that: “Larry and Eric Schmidt have spent more time in the White House, dictating policy decisions, and getting their friends appointed to federal agencies, than every Senator combined has spent in the ivory edifice. The Google boys also spent tens of millions of their dollars trying to pay to have the U.S. Patent Office closed off to the very same small inventors who are now coming after Google. (Google’s legal boss now runs the U.S. Patent Office. Ironic, right?) The overt attempts to drastically close off America’s path to innovation, seems to provide strong evidence that Google knew that it had stolen a good chunk of its assets. In fact, American FTC investigators wrote in federal reports that Google was “a threat to domestic innovation…”

The question is: How can an ostensibly criminal company be allowed to operate when it violates the laws and rights of every member of the public? Google is allowed to exist by laws. The law says that a corporation may exist as long as it does not regularly break these laws. Clearly, Google regularly breaks the law. Do the facts prove that Google has “no right to exist”? Should Google be raided by the FBI?

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