Nobody actually likes Hillary Clinton but she might get elected anyway

Nobody actually likes Hillary Clinton but she might get elected anyway



By Bob Cordon, Primo-Public News



The head of the DNC has decided that Hillary is the one that will bring the payoff to the Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaire campaign financiers. She controls the delegate count. She likes Hillary Clinton.



Wall Street bosses at Goldman Sachs know that they can count on Hillary to push for laws and policy changes that put billions of dollars into their personal pockets. They like Hillary Clinton.



Russian bankers and Russian mining oligarchs like Hillary Clinton, too.



Huma loves Hillary.



Not many other people like her.



Millennials can’t stand her.



Men and male world leaders hate her.



The entire Republican party, almost 50% of America, hate her.



Every day, another 200,000 poor people decide she is an “elitist, self-interested, millionaire who serves only Wall Street and will do anything to get elected..” as the independent media reports.



There really are not any big groups of people who like her. The common perception of her, in negative polling circles, is that she is: “fat”, “tone-deaf”, “a tool of Bill’s”, “pander-bot”, “sexually confused”, “bitchy”, “defensive”, “mercenary”, “robotic”, “contrived”, “manipulative”, “unethical”, “unable to comprehend technology”, “divisive”, “Obama 2.0”, “grumpy old lady”…



In an America destroyed by divisive politics, how can she ever offer any hope to a nation wearied by split party corruption when every member of the opposition already pledged to provide even more battles than they had with Obama.



In the old days, when there were only 50,000 people in all of America, a “President” could actually serve the population. Today, the President only serves the billionaires that finance them.


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… as I argued in my most recent Washington Examiner … poor was around … com/hillary-clintons-job-approval-rating-as-low-as-obamas ……%5Dating-as-low-as-obamas/article/2551094


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