Corruption charges in 2016 U.S. elections creates rise of delegate transparency websites to expose delegate conflicts and bribes

Corruption charges in 2016 U.S. elections creates rise of delegate transparency websites to expose delegate conflicts and bribes



By Deacon Lee



In the USA, the delegate system largely determines who gets to be the President of the United States. In bribing one’s way into the White House, the most important people to pay cash, stock warrants, sex workers, Super Bowl tickets and revolving door job bribes to, are the people known as “Delegates”.



In the USA elite business cartels have long used the delegate system to ensure that one of their cartel-controlled candidates gets elected. If elections in America really worked on a one-vote-one-person basis, very few of the past Presidents of the U.S. would have become President.



Now, inventive entrepreneurs are combining database technology with web site production technology to deliver websites that identify and track delegates on a state-by-state and a national basis. Not only is this legal, it is required by law that all elected officials be disclosed. Under the law, a delegate is an elected official.



Under the laws, delegates represent the public. They determine the final votes that determine who will represent the public. This makes any person who is a delegate subject to equal scrutiny relative to any other candidate.



If delegates are being bribed, have the same business alliances, own the same stock or exhibit other suspicious trends; those troubling dynamics can now be exposed and outed.



Lobbyists and business cartels provide cash, pre-paid jobs, search engine rigging, stock and other perks to candidates operatives for use as bribes to be used to sway delegates to their bidding. They do this because those candidates have promised to make laws which will put taxpayer cash into the pockets of those business cartels. The cartels include: 1.) The Silicon Valley billionaires 2.) The cable tv industry 3.) the medical insurance industry 4.) the pill manufacturing industry 5.) The alcohol industry 6.) the Hollywood studios 6.) The military equipment makers, etc., etc.



The formerly, and almost secret, delegates have turned out to be the most covert group in the American election system. That reality is about to disappear in a cloud of social media disruption. Dirty delegates are about to find that their days are numbered.



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