U.N.: EgyptAir flight may have been brought down by passenger in bathroom using device made from lithium ion batteries

U.N.: EgyptAir flight may have been brought down by passenger in bathroom using device made from lithium ion batteries



The United Nations has issued global directive number UN 38.3 which states that lithium ion batteries can easily explode and release toxic smoke which is deadly. Almost every passenger on the flight carried lithium ion batteries. These are the batteries responsible for blowing up Elon Musk’s Tesla cars and for downing other aircraft. It turns out that by simply cracking one open, and spitting on it, you can set it off.



Sensors in the aircraft show a clear progression of incendiary smoke from the bathroom through to the entire airplane.



Investigators suspect that the suspect may have gathered some of these batteries from cell phones, tablets and computers from other passengers and created some sort of device by adding some traditionally unknown component or placing the device in a unique location.



As recent Tesla fires in Norway and Malibu, California have demonstrated: Lithium ion can set metal on fire and reduce an entire car, or airplane into a burning slag heap.



The United Nations directive UN 38.3 was created to promote this disaster-in-a-battery and too seek to mitigate the possibility of EgyptAir A320-type doom. It came too late for this flight.



Silicon Valley’s venture capitalists have spent nearly a trillion dollars to cover-up the dangers of lithium ion batteries because they own the monopoly for these types of energy storage devices. If the airlines and TSA groups ordered people to not bring lithium ion batteries on airplanes. It would be a disaster for Silicon Valley. Republicans are supportive of such a ban, as are those who disdain U.S. incursion in the Middle East, particularly Afghanistan, where Silicon Valley gets it’s lithium.



Goldman Sachs, Tesla’s marketing partner, owns some of the largest interests in lithium mining. Sachs has been sponsoring some of the biggest pro-lithium lobbying campaigns.



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