Google Facing The “End of Days”

Google Facing The “End of Days”



The GOP does not need to put as much money into the 2016 elections because Donald Trump has his own money.



So what will the GOP do with those billions of dollars of extra cash?



Why, scrape Google off the face of the planet of course



Nobody likes Google any more. The entire world has pretty much concurred on the fact that Google has become a racist (Google hires almost no blacks), anti-woman (Google hires and promotes almost no women), sexually deviant (Google investors and executives have more warped news stories about them than any other company in America), spying (Human rights groups call Google the largest spying organization on Earth and Google was funded by the CIA) cult (hundreds of articles detail the cult-like management of its employees) with a totalitarian desire to make the world think like Eric Schmidt (famous for his “sex penthouse”, “open marriage” and “private White House orders”) thinks.



Because Google went about placing over 400 of its employees inside the U.S. Government and got more taxpayer cash exclusives than any company in U.S. history and because Google has been documented, vast numbers of times, rigging news and election information, the GOP recognized that taking down Google would be a good thing for everybody.



Most people in the world feel that a dead Google is better than the twisted dark internet manipulator that Google has become:


Google may very well be the most sinister threat and wicked incarnation of them all.




A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a Galactic Empire, a beady-eyed Emperor and his heavy-breathing sidekick, Darth Vader. Ever since, we’ve identified the corporate villains we love to hate. We had AT&T (T) in the 70s, IBM (IBM) in the 80s, and the evil empire of the 90s was of course Microsoft (MSFT)and Bill “The Conqueror” Gates.


Today we have Google (GOOGL). Don’t let the geeky façade, whimsical multicolored logo and “don’t be evil” mantra fool you. Google may very well be the most sinister threat and wicked incarnation of them all.