File Your RICO Case: Get Your Cash!

File Your RICO Case: Get Your Cash!

If you paid taxes in the United States or if you were a victim of Elon Musk, his Cartel or his corrupt empire, you can file a special kind of lawsuit, called a “RICO” against Musk, Tesla, his Cartel and their associated parties and collected cash for your damages and for the damages against the public. We have over 200,000 pages of evidence to help make your case and the U.S. Congress members will provide even more evidence.


To begin the process, go to the website:


In the search field type in “ANTITRUST” after setting the search window as below:


The type of lawyers who do “antitrust cases”, generally also know how to do RICO cases.


Contact each lawyer suggested until you find one interested in taking your case. Many lawyers will work on a “contingency basis” where they advance the costs of the case. Some will want to do the case as a RICO-CLASS ACTION so that all of the people who were victimized by Musk, and his crony’s, share in the compensation and the production of evidence. We guarantee that there is more than enough evidence available to thoroughly make your case and win in court. Do it for the public. Do it for justice. Do it for the cash…or do it for all three reasons! It is the right thing to do!