Company Seeks Sponsors For RICO Racketeering Lawsuit Against Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page and John Doerr

Company Seeks Sponsors For RICO Racketeering Lawsuit Against Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page and John Doerr




By Robin Right



Los Angeles – You might not know all of those names but you do know the names Google, Solyndra, Kleiner Perkins, Tesla and Barack Obama. All of these names cross-financed each other in quid-pro-quo payola schemes. In other words, none of them would exist if not for the dirty political corruption they swapped spit for between each of themselves.



You will recall that period from 2009 to 2015 when the largest number of Companies, all owned by, or connected to, the Filthy Four got more taxpayer cash than any group of companies in history and then, just as historically, immediately went belly up or engaged in stock swindles. That was the Non-Fabulous Four doing their dirty work.



These four white yuppie billionaire Silicon Valley frat boys who sleep at each other’s houses, and sometimes in the White House, made a deal to web manipulate and finance elections in exchange for never-ask-questions government hand-out cash and stock market “pumps” in the corrupt Steven Chu Administration of the Department of Energy.



One company worked with the U.S. Congress, top federal investigators, journalists, whistle-blowers and former employees of the Quadrangle-of-Corruption and has amassed hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence of absolute organized crime by these frat boys.



One would think that federal cops would have locked these four up long ago but, then again, one would think that federal cops would have locked up those bankers that hijacked Wall Street, a certain rogue email server person and a bunch of other characters that everyone knows are guilty but that somehow seem to evade the slammer. Could it have anything to do with paying off the West Wing?



It turns out, though, you do not need to wait for Elliot Ness to kick their doors in. You can Do-It-Yourself.



If you read the WIKIPEDIA description of a “RICO Lawsuit” you will find that you have the power, and the right, to file a lawsuit against the forces of evil and the dirty and corrupt.



Even better, you should try to get them to SUE YOU! It sounds all wrong but the fact is that, when you file your disclosure and take them on, the first thing they will do is file a “demurrer”. This is a request to dismiss your case before it even gets started. They will use this tactic to try to keep you from getting your day in court. If they sue you, you simply have to say “OK”, get your court date and then file a counter-complaint.



Let the bad guys do all the heavy lifting of setting up the lawsuit and then you take them down in the jury trial.



One company is seeking to sue Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page and John Doerr for racketeering and corruption for the vast losses of taxpayer cash they caused and for their attacks on those who competed with them. Another case is planned for a lawsuit against these same four but this time for Homicide. Three Tesla Employees, and some guys named David Bird, Gary D. Conley, Rajeeve Motwani and others are said to have been killed by these guys in order to shut them up. Yet, another group, former employees from a Company called Bright Automotive, are also thinking about suing these fellows. Apparently the Foul Four ordered their politicians to put a “hit job” on Bright Automotive because Bright was getting dangerously close to competing with Elon Musk.




p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>We can only hope that one of these efforts gets to a jury room so that the public can see the real dirt behind the glitz of these Silicon Valley oligarch mobsters.