Sony’s Paul Feig Ghostbusters 2016 flops really hard at the box office


Ghostbusters has drummed up some serious hysteria since its release. Leslie Jones managed to get Briebart editor Milo Yianopoulos banned from Twitter, and sick packs of rabid fans upon critics of the movie.

mark kern ghostbusters 2016 user rating

I hardly doubt that the user score will ever go above 2.9.

We also saw the terrible reviews that rolled in citing the movie was trying too hard. For what it’s worth, the movie is a great idea to promote female characters as strong leads, and it had quite a few laughs. Nevertheless, this movie was not the best choice for that approach. A much better choice is the upcoming Wonder Woman starring Gal Godot, and that 2017 summer picture will deliver in spades for DC.

deadpool vs ghostbusters 2016

In other words, even though “Deadpool” had an almost 100 million USD smaller budget. The movie still made +700 million USD more than “Ghostbusters 2016” did.

The all-female spectre busting quartet managed to secure $46 million in its opening weekend, but it doesn’t appear to be quite enough for a profit. Sony put up a serious budget to get the movie made. With over $144 million invested in Director Paul Feig, and analysts realizing movies such as Star Trek, and Jason Bourne’s earning potential its a dark day for Ghostbusters.

ghostbusters 2016 burning money

And still Sony want´s to make a “Ghostbusters 2016” part II movie…

To date, “Ghostbusters” has grossed about $130 million worldwide. However, that’s not even half of what they’ll need to break even and see a profit from the film. If they can make $300 million in sales, that would be a true revival of the franchise and secure a great presence for a sequel but can it happen? With the rumor mill circling that Sony and Paul Feig have decided on three films, it would be on Sony’s best interest to change directors, writers, or even come up with new original ideas for the cast.

twitter and ghostbusters 2016

If you didn´t know it, Milo Yiannopoulos (Greek-British journalist, entrepreneur and technology editor for has been permanently banned from Twitter.

The most painful thing about a reboot is that it has to surpass the expectations of the previous movies, and “Ghostbusters” will never do that. The simplest answer is: because the talent was wasted, the script wasn’t original, and the director was trying to prove a point with his established comedy style using comedianne’s instead of male actors.

paul feig is a cuck

Paul Feig (Director and writer for “Ghostbusters 2016”) turned his “Ghostbusters” movie into a feminist/anti-male propaganda machine. In short, the movie was anything but the movie that the “Ghostbusters” fans wanted.

The identicle formula won’t work the same way every time, but that’s something Paul Feig refuses to understand. Success isn’t always measured by the outcome, its measured through effort, balance, and training.

In short, the movie was created and shot as a tribute film with a vendetta that didn’t land a mark on the classical 80’s comedy. It might as well have had a neon sign that said Don’t ask any questions. Just give us your money. And if there ever was one thing that made the advocates angry about the movie it was the comment ” Aint no bitches gonna bust no ghosts,” and that appears to be the case here also.

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