You, like me, can have full smart phone capabilities without involving Google and enjoy YouTube on both your phone and computer without leaving traces.

It takes three things though. The compatible equipment needed/money for equipment, the technical know-how to replace essential functions and the worst part, a rudimentary understanding of how you’re being surveiled so you can protect yourself.

I say that the understanding is the worst part, not because it’s the most difficult but because it’s eye opening. It shows that the type of tracking and surveilance you initially set out to protect yourself against is NOTHING compared to what’s actually going on.

Let me tell you what I use to have a smartphone experience and enjoy YouTube without letting in the privacy vampires. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I thoroughly enjoyed your DNC post.

I use CyanogenMod, in combination with a default access restriction to my personal information and a manually set firewall. The apps I use are either directly from F-Droid – I don’t use rogue download sites for my apps – Or downloaded on a secondary phone, bought second hand with a fake Google account and then sent over to be isolated and locked down on my main phone.

My phone accesses the internet via VPN, either one that loops back home, or one to a VPN that I pay with cash money in the mail + my account number.

I use task manager, calendar and contact manager through a encrypted connection to my private, off-site OwnCloud server, that also supports cloud services cross-platform to my tablet and computer. The data stored on the remote server is encrypted as well.

The sort of VPN I use is log-less. Which in practice means that a lot of clients connects, but there’s only one exit-stream so there’s no way to distinguish who’s who without logs – and that evidence is auto-deleted immidiately.

I use YouTube through a heavily modded FireFox browser for my android that stops tracking and with add-ons like PrivacyBadger, NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere etc.

With this system I feel reasonably safe when it comes to my smartphone experience. I do have more secure systems for the heavy stuff, but understandably I won’t lay that out even on a throwaway account accessed through TOR.


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Can you ballpark the total cost it takes to achieve your level of security/privacy? Thanks man, I’m glad you and the rest of voat got a kick outta my DNC pictures and videos.


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Note that hardware is a direct conversion from a high cost Scandinavian country. Everything else is online and should have same prices anywhere.

My actual cost:

CyanogenMOD compatible phone: 300$

Medium size server+Comodo HTTPS certificate: 100$ per year (also in use for my business)

Open Source Software: 0$

Logless VPN: 6$ per month

Could have gone:

Older phone from the drawer, compatible with CM: 0$

Minimum size server that supports OwnCloud: 14$ per year

Open Source HTTPS certificate: 0$

Open Source Software: 0$

Logless VPN: 5$ per month.

EDIT – VPN Costs.



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Buy a phone compatible with Cyanogenmod and don’t flash the Google apps. Then install apkpure and enjoy a Google free android phone.


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You can use an AOSP rom and never install gapps.



almost entirely google free, occasional youtube is hard to avoid and sometimes I use a google map but that’s it. 98% of my internet use is on desktop / laptop and usually I know what I’m looking for, so DuckDuckGo is a good enough search engine, NoScript blocks all Google scripts, Tutanota is great for private mail.


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I don’t but a friend of mine who is a privacy expert does.

He and his spouse run their own mail-server, so they don’t use Google mail.

They use Duck Duck Go for searching.

They do own iPhones (because the spouse works for Apple, but not in a privacy-related area) but use things like VPNs for anything possible.


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It’s hard to escape such a huge corporation such as Google. One minor change I can suggest is to switch your search engine to Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck Go does not track anything you search (unlike Google) and is a fairly decent engine.
For Android phones, maybe for now, you can use a proxy or a VPN and disguise yourself. You can’t really escape from Google on a platform like that, and I’m going to assume that the Google-free lifestyle is based around being tracked.


Good luck on your emancipation!

Let’s Eradicate Google From The Earth!