Political Pollsters Caught With Their Pants Down

From the Gateway Pundit:

Current polls show the race for President is much tighter than it really is.  Ann Coulter warned us years ago in her best seller Slander that Democrats and the liberal media always use polls to manipulate and discourage conservatives from voting.  Thanks to social media there is more and more evidence that the polls are way off and if things stay as they are, Trump will win in a landslide!

It’s evident Hillary has a hard time filling a Union Hall while Trump regularly turns people away from his stadium and arena venues.

Now this – Analysis from social media provides additional support that Trump is likely to win in a landslide.

Every major pollster uses land line telephones and old fashioned metrics technology. Modern, informed, members of the public won’t talk to pollsters and they stealth their communications equipment. Pollsters are only getting results from “old ladies”but social media (IE: The New Ghostbusters debacle) say that Clinton has already lost by miles.