Google’s Offices Discovered To Contain The Single Largest Collection Of Assholes On Earth

Google’s Offices Discovered To Contain The Single Largest Collection Of Assholes On Earth



Washington, DC – Aside from their smug attitudes, their constant embroilments in sexual scandals and hooker controversies, the bizarre deaths connected with Google employees and their unbridled insistence on controlling U.S. Government policy, new revelations expose the ass-holiness of Google like never before.



The following links demonstrate a clear corporate mission, on the part of the entire management staff and major shareholders of Google, to dive as deep into the dark crevasse of hell as possible. While most of the public has come to realize that Google is, at least, a do-over of the Franklin Roosevelt “Business Plot” that Smedley Butler over-threw, the new reality is far worse.



Google takes new fedora wearing, BS-bearded Millennial’s and puts them through a Scientology-like cultish “mindfulness” indoctrination designed to germinate new assholes.



Take a look:




Silicon Valley — Where The Assholes Are – Decline of the Empire


I believe Silicon Valley is where the biggest group of assholes lives. … and others are recruiting more monkeys at the google bus stops:.…%5Dcon-valley-where-the-assholes-are.html




The New Google: ‘All the Assholes Have Left’ but they have not in reality- Recode


Bruno Bowden describes Google’s top ranks in a very Google-y way. With stats. “In leadership at Google, you have to be three-plus standard deviations better than …[…]-new-google-all-the-assholes-have-left






They’re Bigger Assholes Than You Ever Thought | …


“Recently, our nation’s financial chieftains have been feeling a little unloved. Venture capitalists are comparing the persecution of the rich to the …






The No Asshole Rule – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’ t is a book by … Companies who are listed as having appropriate recruitment policies include: Barclays Capital, Google, JetBlue and Men’s Wearhouse.




Are there any assholes that work at Google? – Quora


I’ve never met any in the five years that I’ve been here. There are occasional temporary conflicts between two specific people, but that’s life. I think some…






If You Wear Google’s New Glasses You Are An Asshole – Gawker


He was inspired by the assholes who talk in Amtrak’s quiet car, but this reasoning also perfectly explains why those who use Google’s new …[…]googles-new-glasses-you-are-an-asshole



Unsold Google Glass Units To Be Donated To Assholes In Africa


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—Following the company’s announcement that it would discontinue public sales of the wearable technology, Google …[…]s-units-to-be-donated-to-asshole-37798




Google’s Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama …


According to an analysis of White House data, the Google lobbyist with the most White …. The Wall Street Journal noted that Google’s White House visits …… owns or controls — Civis Analytics, The Groundwork, and Tomorrow …[…]h-the-obama-white-house-in-two-charts/


Report finds hundreds of meetings between White House and Google


Google and affiliates have had meetings with the Obama White House at least 427 times. … The data, gleaned from White House meeting logs, showed that in all, 169 …. He who controls the information controls the world.[…]eetings-between-white-house-and-google


Who Controls Google? | Who Controls America?


Google Inc.: Executive Officers: Larry Page(Ashkenazi



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