Who Are The Most Insane Oligarchs of Silicon Valley?

Who Are The Most Insane Oligarchs of Silicon Valley?



By the staff of Valleywag



They have been accused of rapes, murders, escort addictions, intern abuse, turning their trophy wives into slaves, three-way sex coercion with their own employees, bribing of state and federal officials, epic tax evasion, murder-by-hookers, attempting government take-overs, spying on competitors, placing moles inside competitors operations, ego-mania, political corruption, payola, stock market rigging, The “AngelGate Conspiracy”, The “Silicon Valley No Poaching Conspiracy”, trophy wives,etc.



Steve Jurvetson – Famous for manipulating Senators to give him exclusive deals with public cash, wanting to live on the Moon, helps Elon Musk operate government cash scams and Flash Boy pumps.



Peter Thiel – Called by CIA analysts, in WikiLeaks Disclosures “Totally insane”. Funded project to create artificial creatures and synthetic vaginas.



Elon Musk – The top repeat divorce offender. Created scam to get taxpayer funds to pay for all of his companies. Sued for fraud by his partners, staff, investors, suppliers, wives. Constantly lies to cover his crimes.



Joe Lonsdale – Famous for his “beady pig eyes” and his rape and sexual manipulation of a young Stanford eo-ed intern as well as starting the company: Palantir, which the CIA uses to spy on everybody in the world.



Eric Schmidt – Owner of $15M sex penthouse, promotes open-marriage and infidelity, placed most of Google’s staff in the White House, ran more national policy outcomes (for himself) than all of U.S. Congress combined, runs amateur spy agencies (Jigsaw, In-Q-Tel, New America, etc…)



Sergey Brin – A “three-way sex triangle” with his employees at Google, tight relations with “Russian businessmen”,



Larry Page – Steals Google’s ideas from others, is noted as the official technology spook or “window man” for Google, massive ego,



Ray Lane – John Doerr partner, indicted for massive tax evasion



Jacques Littlefield – Friend of John Doerr and Eric Schmidt, built huge warehouses in the woods in Silicon Valley were he kept the world’s largest operational armored division “just in case”



Tom Perkins – Co-founded John Doerr’s company, publicly called poor people “NAZI’S” for refusing to agree with his belief that “billionaires are better than ordinary people”,



Michael Goguen – One of Google’s top investores. Famous for making an “anal sex slave” out of a disadvantaged Stripper and exploiting her for 13 years, while married.


John Doerr – Sued for sex abuse by Ellen Pao, helped coordinate the majority of the “green cash” and Solyndra kick-backs as shown in the 60 MINUTES segment call “The Cleantech Crash”



Vinod Khosla – John Doerrs partner. Stole America’s nicest public beach on the Pacific Coast and locked it off from the public. Called “The Indian Godfather”