Univision discovers that it bought a thousand nightmares with Gawker Media acquisition

Univision discovers that it bought a thousand nightmares with Gawker Media acquisition

By Susan Anthony

When a slick haired investment banker shows up at your TV network with an offer to buy a dying slasher tabloid: RUN! Run as far away as you can.

Now that Univision is in the final stages of acquiring Gawker Media, it has turned out that the asset that Univision thought it was getting may just be a pig with lipstick and fake eyelashes stuck on it.

As Univision takes a closer look, it is discovering that Gawker was run by “disturbed children” who had no qualms about posting “sex videos about children as young as 4” and who were compensated for destroying the lives of political enemies and business competitors of campaign financiers.

As the 2016 elections turn nastier every day, and Univision is found to have a huge stake in the 2016 immigration issues, it is clearly turning out that buying that pig-in-a-poke could have devastating repercussions for Univision.

Already, numerous lawsuits have threatened Univision with extinction. Univision cannot survive multiple Hulk Hogan-like 150 million dollar jury awards. New lawsuits are now being prepared for even larger damages demands.

Take, for example, the case of XP.

XP made an electric car that was thousands of times lower cost, safer, easier to build, longer range and less of a national security risk than Tesla Motors. Google owned stock and political interest in Tesla Motors and it’s lithium ion battery mines. Google, and it’s VC’s transferred tens of millions of dollars to Gawker Media. Why?

Let’s take a look.

Government funded XP was about to get 45 million dollars to deliver it’s cars to defense and civic markets who had submitted orders and customer support letters to Congress for these cars. Suddenly XP’s federal funds were canceled and that same money was given to Google and Tesla. Federal investigators asked XP to help with their criminal investigation of the re-direction.

Suddenly, Gawker Media produced multiple hatchet job character assassination articles and an animated character assassination video in order to try to mitigate XP’s credibility to testify in public before a, proposed, Special Prosector. In the investigation time-frame, Gawker Media was the only entity on Earth to produce such “hit job” attacks against XP, and the only entity to receive such cash, stock and ad contracts from Google and it’s stakeholders. Suspicious? Yes!

It gets worse. Rahm Emanual, David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs, while working in the West Wing of the White House at the same time had email, telephone and meeting communication with the same financiers of the attack about planning the attack. It gets worse. The Panama Papers and related leaks, show that Tesla, Google, White House and Department of Energy staff owned the stock of those lithium mines (hmmm.. in what national election have crooked mining deals suddenly become an issue?) that XP obsoleted with it’s better, safer technology. It gets worse. Google took the Gawker Media hatchet job animated movie and articles and locked them on the top of the front page of Google for over five years. So much for Google saying that it “has no control over it’s search results”. It obviously does. XP tracked Google’s search results every day, around the world, for nearly a decade, and proved that Google hypes up Musk and Tesla while locking negative news about Tesla’s competitors in top spot. The movies and articles that Google was locking were all coming from Google’s partner: Gawker, via the Gawker servers.

I spoke with staff from Zap Automotive, Roush Automotive, Eco-Motors, Bright Motors and former Department of Energy staff, with deep knowledge of this incident. They confirmed these facts.

Elon Musk put $15 billion (Yes, that’s “Billion” with a “B”) dollars in his bank account because of this, so XP is looking to get the $15 billion dollars, that they lost because of “criminal and illicit antitrust and corruption actions” by Gawker Media and the Silicon Valley Cartel. White House staff, including a senior White House insider named Jofi Joseph, among many others, went online to publicly comment on dirty deeds in the White House offices. Multiple Gawker Staff, who have sued Gawker Media for abusive exploitation, have come forward to offer expert testimony in a potential jury trial.

XP sued the head of the Department of Energy: Steven Chu and his cohort: Lachlan Seward and got them thrown out of the Government for corruption. XP is not done yet. XP files monthly reports to the FBI, GAO, FTC, SEC, FCC and other investigators and feels confident that the on-going cases, which include an FBI-raid of Tesla’s next-door neighbor: Solyndra, financed by the same Cartel, will yield results in criminal charges by agencies.

Univision has already ordered the deletion of a few of the attack articles, against others, that Gawker was hired to undertake but there are hundreds of other defaming, slanderous, politically motivated articles and video’s still online.

Univision needs to decide if the profits it thinks it can derive from cruising on the coat-tails of the devil are worth the flames of the repercussions it is now facing.

While the investment bank pitch-man that delivered the Gawker purchase sales pitch may have been convincing, he does not seem to have given Univision “full disclosure”.