Which Internet Media Outlets Do The Democrats and the Clinton Campaign Control?

Which Internet Media Outlets Do The Democrats and the Clinton Campaign Control?

By Milo DeMouth

The campaign financiers and executives, that own and control these companies, make certain to hide any negative news about their political candidates while they amplify any negative news about their opponents. These companies account for 82% of the internet messaging in America. These companies have become too large to be called “just a company”. They are now unregulated public utilities who plead “private company rights” when, in fact, they are monopolies who control unreasonable parts of the public information, news, minds and votes.

It is a 100% lie that any “search results” on these sites come without manual and conscious manipulation. No sane person, who has a shred of self-respect, should use these sites unless they want filtered baby pablum fed to them through a controlled news tube.

Google & YouTube – The king of data harvesting, privacy abuse and psychological warfare-class subliminal messaging and user experience  manipulation. One of the biggest campaign financiers (over 25 billion dollars of cash and services) and the biggest crony recipient of Obama kick-backs.

Twitter – Notoriously Democrat controlled Twitter is being called out, daily, for it’s Tweet position rigging.

Reddit – On any given day, the news stories between Reddit and Voat.co are night and day. When Hillary Clinton had her disastrous 9/11 collapse on live video, all video of it was scrubbed from Reddit for over a day. Obama’s live interactive internet talks took place on Reddit where live Reddit “Filterers” made certain nothing embarrassing got asked.

MSNBC – MSNBC is, at least, overt about being a shill for the DNC

CNN – CNN is subtle but constant in its DNC message

Linkedin –  You will get networked on Linkedin but you will only get good networking from Democrat to Democrat and you will only get jobs if you vote DNC

Facebook – Notoriously Democrat controlled Facebook is being called out, daily, for it’s story rigging.

Netflix – This company promotes, produces and positions search results to emphasize the views of its owners.

Sony Pictures – Makes dumb movies for Democrats and SJW’s

WordPress – While masquerading as a “free website builder”, WordPress will delete sites, lock off XML imports, reduce SEO presence, halt remote posting by email or Scribe-Fire and otherwise cut you off if you post news or promote anti-DNC thoughts. They violate the U.S. First Amendment by doing these things but “who cares” when you control the free website industry.

There are more but these are some of the most audacious. Of course you have media empires, such as those covertly owned by William Hearst, George Soros, Warren Buffet and such. They hide their holdings through layers of family trust funds and Cayman Islands accounts but, thanks to the Panama Papers, the paths to the bosses can now be traced.

The main point is: THINK FOR YOURSELF. The peer-pressure you think you are seeing, on the sites listed above, is mostly from fake robot profiles, troll-bots, and people that don’t even exist. Facebook, Twitter and Google create fake people in order to create fake “trends”. Don’t be a sucker.