The Internet Asks: “Why Do Politicians Masturbate So Often?”

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The two main reasons for me were boredom and depression. I had nothing better to do and I wanted that small little kick of endorphin you get.



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I think boredom is a huge one.. I think having a high libido combined with boredom will increase the frequency



[–] dabork 14 points (+15|-1) 9 hours ago 

Various reasons: Loneliness, addiction, boredom, hyper-libido, lack of self-esteem, hedonism.

Some people just do it because it feels good, some people can’t stop doing it because it feels good. Some people do it because it’s the only way they know to get that dopamine rush that soothes them. Some people use it as a means to escape their sexual frustration that they likely have no other outlets for. Some people have so little confidence that they’ve resigned themselves to a life of loneliness and this is what they’ve accepted as the pinnacle of their sexual potential. Some people are using it as a way to distract themselves from other addictions. Some people are just so fucking horny all the time that they need regular sexual release to not feel anxiety. Some people are just dedicated to doing whatever feels good.

Me personally, I just do it when my girlfriend’s on her period because for whatever reason that’s when I’m the most horny, or once in a blue moon when I have an incessant boner. I got over my “porn stage” back in high school and I weened myself off because I was starting to wander into some heavier fetishes and didn’t want to blow all the fun when I was still that young. There’s a lot of guys in their 20s and 30s that are growing up sexually unsatisfied even if they have a mate because they’ve spent so much time living these sexual fantasies and real life just doesn’t live up to the hype. I never wanted to be that guy, so I started laying off the porn.

Plus, sex is just better and I finally found a girl who will fuck or suck literally any time of day so there’s just no reason to whack it any more.



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Good reply!



[–] SilverBanana 9 points (+10|-1) 10 hours ago 

It is a pleasant feeling you can get for free, without health risk and without any adverse effects. The better question would be why they are not masturbating more?



[–] Tancred 4 points (+4|-0) 8 hours ago 

and without any adverse effects

There might be negative effects on motivation/drive/energy if masturbation is too frequent.



[–] SilverBanana 7 points (+8|-1) 8 hours ago 

I think it is bunch of hogwash created by people who have lingering religious shame of sex. If you have enough, then you do not feel like masturbating.

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If you don’t deathgrip, you should be fine



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That’s not healthy masturbation, that’s addiction. And you can get addicted to anything.

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I was doing good up until this post.

I only masturbate whenever h_p_o_p submits. Gosh dang it…I need a bigger plug.



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It’s good to keep the pipes clean and the supply fresh



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Why did God put the joystick in your lap?



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Feels good man.



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Because they can.



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Because procreation is the strongest instinct we have short of fundamental things like breathing. You jerk it because even though we have these handy evolved brains fundamentally we’re still just animals mostly being driven by emotion and instinct rather than the logic and intelligence we’re capable of. Think about how disruptive and useless an emotion anger is. Even when you are in a fight anger it’s a terrible emotion. I’d rather fight an angry person than a sober and concentrated person any time. Yet we still all have it because it somehow helped some species we evolved from keep pumping out the offspring and surviving. I masturbate in part because it feels good, but even more so because it’s tough for me to concentrate and work efficiently otherwise. Yay for instinct.



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Why not? Self love is great.



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Because they’re bored and it feels good.



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  1. Feels good man.

  2. Keeps the equipment functioning.

  3. As marriage progresses, the frequency of sex decreases. Your hand never says no.



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Because it’s sterile and I like the taste.



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Well I have a very high drive and my wife doesn’t. I do my thing she does hers and sometimes it meets very rarely and then it’s great.



[–] highly_paid_orgy_pro [S] 1 points (+1|-0) 8 hours ago 

butt stuff?



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Overstimulation is also another factor. And porn is so easy to get.



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Masterbation is healthy for you, porn not so much. Regular masterbation can reduce risk of prostate cancer, as well as testicular, and a few other I believe although I only remember the first two off the top of my head. Even if you weren’t to masterbate however your body would maintenance itself simply through nightly emissions or wet dreams. But seeing as that’s less regular and less reliable, it is better just to masterbate.

If you have a problem masterbating to much, you can always see a therapist for that though.



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Cause you gotta perform maintenance down there if it’s not getting used. I’m not sure how those nofap people manage to feel healthier by abstaining from it (unless they’re regularly fucking instead, or their ability to masturbate hinged entirely on porn). For me I’m way more irritable and less well-mannered when it’s been a few days.

And it feels good too.



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I hear at the least 5 times a week is beneficial to the prostate



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Because you get to be alone without all the ugly nasty shit that goes into having to be sexually active with another human being.

If you get sick of wanking get a prostitute. Treat yourself. But then go back to wanking.



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Clits aren’t going to vibrate themselves.



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Because they don’t have someone to do it for them. I know if I rub one out I’ll feel fine for a bit. Maybe a day or two. But if my girlfriend gives me a handy I’m good for twice as long.



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Practice makes perfect.



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Use it or loose it.



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Because hands get horny a lot.



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