Elon Musk Is Wanted For Corruption Charges

Leaks Reveal Elon Musk Is A Fraud Who Is Protected By Obama in Exchange For Funding DNC Campaigns

The Federal Reserve Bank, The Federal Trade Commission, The Securities and Exchange Commission, The Internal Revenue Service, The Department of Transportation, The Department of Energy, and other top federal departments have White House orders to, not only, “stay away from Elon Musk” but to give him exclusive extra government perks!

It is a fact that all of the above agencies have received reams of complaints about Musk and his companies but, so far, they have slow-walked or “stood-down” on all investigations.

Will the FBI do better?

Demands have been filed for a Special Prosecutor to be assigned by the Department of Justice but, so far, those please have fallen on deaf ears.

Senate Republicans are discussing an insurrection unless they see “real” law enforcement action prior to the Election.

It is all part of a quid-pro-quo kick-back deal between Musk, Larry Page, John Doerr, Steve Westly and the White House. It has removed nearly a trillion dollars from the taxpayers pockets and put that taxpayer cash in the bank vaults of these Silicon Valley Insiders.

Elon Musk is believed to be the largest financier and promoter of anti-coal, anti-oil and anti-hydrogen fuel cell efforts in the world. His acrimonious stealth attacks have earned him the title of “The George Soros of Cleantech”. Coal companies have not only ratcheted up their attacks on Musk but have begun a massive “Doxxing” campaign to disclose Musk’s corruption links.

Musk and his Bromance buddy: Larry Page, work together to rig all Google news reports in order to hide any of the revelations about Musk and maintain a constant state of puff pieces and self-aggrandizing Musk glory stories on the web to run the smoke-screen.

The following item is thought to have come from Coal doxxers:
Urgent Public Notice About Tesla Motors

What the world thinks about Tesla Owners: For the, relatively, small number of cars produced, Tesla has had the largest number of crashes by drunk drivers, sexual harassment charges against those owners, and tax evasion investigations against those owners. Tesla owners have, by far, been involved in the most divorce filings, by volume, in which “abuse of spouse” is the key issue than any other car company. This means that in addition to the “douchebag” perception that driving a Tesla carries with it, scientific and demographic evidence now proves that Tesla owners have a lower moral character. Be certain that you want the world to see you inside of a Tesla. This chart shows the sociological facts behind the poor ethics that driving a Tesla reflects on it’s owners:

How “Green” is a Tesla?: Tesla investors own lithium mines in Afghanistan, Boliva and other countries that they acquired by promoting wars in those regions so they could profiteer on Tesla’s lithium ion batteries. Lithium does not come from America. If you think that oil is bad because it promotes war, you should see how many people have been killed in order to profiteer on corrupt lithium mining wars. Tesla isn’t “Green”. Tesla uses toxic, self-igniting, explosive, cancer-causing, fetus-mutating lithium batteries that contain a massive soup of deadly chemicals inside them. The chemistry gets more explosive over time and poisons the Earth when the batteries are used up. 40% of the workers who make the batteries die from getting poisoned by making the batteries. Panasonic, who promotes the batteries, has had over 40 international corruption, bribery and dumping charges filed against them over these batteries. Lithium batteries just blow up whenever they want to.

You are promoting organized Crime by owning a Tesla: Elon Musk took Tesla away from its founders in a hostile takeover. He and his Silicon Valley Cartel did this to exploit their corrupt lithium mining scam. His Cartel placed their own people in the Department of Energy in order to get them to give Tesla exclusive taxpayer cash because, as Elon Musk said on 60 Minutes, he was just about to go bankrupt because nobody wanted to buy the cars. Tesla has used bribes, illegal campaign financing, illegal stock and asset exchanges with Senators and stock market manipulation enhanced by Tesla co-owner, the privacy abusing company: Google.

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